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4 Weird Things about the Washington Monument

The Washington monument is one of the strangest structures in DC. Join the guys as they explore the weird history of this iconic obelisk. SUBSCRIBE ...

◄ Washington Monument, Washington [HD] ►

Washington Monument - HD footage, information and facts on one of the jewels along the National Mall; the Washington Monument,. The Washington ...

First look inside repaired Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is set to reopen to the public three years after it was severely damaged in an earthquake. Jan Crawford got an early inside look of ...

5 Mysterious Secrets of THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT

Merchandise: https://rdbl.co/2kd1EPh ▻ Twitter: https://twitter.com/weirdworldtv ▻ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/WeirdWorldSub NEW VIDEOS EVERY FRIDAY ...

The Washington Monument for Kids - Short History Lesson

This fun, animated history video for children teaches interesting facts about THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT - explained in 2 minutes! This brief history lesson ...

Raw: View Atop Washington Monument Scaffolding

Video captured from the helmet of a worker shows the scaffolding being topped off at the Washington Monument on Monday. The scaffolding is needed to repair ...

Time capsule found inside Washington Monument

Time capsule found inside Washington Monument.

Washington Monument,Full Tour,Washington,D.C,2014,HD

Built to honor George Washington, the United States' first president, the 555-foot marble obelisk towers over Washington, D.C.

PBS - The National Mall: America’s Front Yard

The United States National Mall, set in the heart of Washington, DC, is a landscape unlike any other on Earth, and its history is equally fascinating. Lined by ...

DJI Phantom 2 Drone Washington Monument DC

Awesome View of Washington Monument in DC is 555' (169 m). Flying with DJI Phantom 2 Drone with FPV GoPro 3 in October 2014.

A Brief History of the Washington Monument Grounds

Why were the Washington Monument grounds never completed? Where did the idea for the Monument come from? Take a tour through the past with this brief ...

Climbing the Washington Monument


Top Monuments & Statues To See in Washington DC

A great list of monuments & statues to see when you visit Washington DC First song: Seaside by Lyvo - License (CC BY 3.0) http://goo.gl/bHeSnO - Soundcloud ...

Washington Monument Egyptian Obelisk - Quick History

The Washington Monument is a structure called an obelisk, measuring 555 feet and 5 1/8 inches high. According to Wikipedia, an obelisk is: “A tall, four-sided, ...

Spider-Man Homecoming (2017) – Washington Monument Elevator Scene Part 1 HD

Full Movie Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP1vP7en3pws-rORvTA7NPMWj8OJ2kVSB.

Spider-Man: Homecoming - Trouble At the Washington Monument

Spider-Man: Homecoming Produced by Columbia Pictures, Marvel Studios, and Pascal Pictures Distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing Directed by Jon Watts ...

Freemasonry, Sirius, & The Washington Monument

Freemasonry, Astrology, and the Washington D.C. Street Plan During the 1790s French Freemason Pierre L'Enfant designed the street plan and architectural ...


Watch the full-length episode at http://video.pbs.org/video/2365455109/?

Harmonics- Secret Alignments of the Washington Monument & Pentagon Revealed

The Washington Monument is south and east of the supposed ideal location, the accepted reason for it's location is the swampy ground. However there is a ...

Plane Hits Washington Monument


The Washington Monument, the Capitol Dome, and the Jefferson Memorial

The Washington Monument, an obelisk that soars to meet the sky and the Capitol Dome painting of George Washington's ascension to Heaven, surrounded by ...

Amazing Facts of the Washington Monument

Washington Monument - 10 Amazing Facts - as part of the travel series by GeoBeats. 10 - At about 550 feet, the monument was the tallest structure in the world ...

47th Annual Washington Monument Lighting (2018) [4K]

The 47th annual Monument Lighting took place Thursday, December 6, 2018 from 5-8pm in Mount Vernon Place. The West Park was transformed into a holiday ...

The Washington Monument


Q and not U - End the Washington Monument (Blinks) Goodnight

Live at The Metro, London, UK. November 2002.

Baltimore Washington Monument Lights Up Thursday Night

The holiday village surrounding the monument opened at 5 p.m. Thursday, attracting more than 10000 people to kick off the winter season in Baltimore.

Washington Monument: The Devil's Dick

General Sands Busts Julian Assange as CIA. SEE: http://JulianPaulAssange.com.

Washington DC Tour

Washington, DC -- Capital of the United States of America, heart and center of the Land of Liberty. The city is a reflection of the country's history, achievements ...

Climbing the Baltimore Washington Monument


How to Get Tickets to Washington Monument | Washington DC

This short video describes how one can obtain pre-ordered and same-day tickets to the Washington Monument. It also offers a preview of what one will see on a ...

LEGO Americana: Washington Monument

Huge LEGO model replicas of American monuments.

Washington Monument Scaffolding Time Lapse

Time lapse video of the Washington Monument earthquake repair scaffolding construction project, from March 20th to May 13th, 2013. Video shot from the roof of ...

Washington Monument during the earthquake

Washington Monument during the earthquake.

Washington Monument is a copy of Cleopatra's Needle

https://www.vaticancatholic.com https://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com Video clip from Current Freemasonic Enemies of America and the World (Final ...

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